Telluride/Hawaii – 2017

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    Every summer we try to take a vacation with Jay’s whole family. His brother brings his wife, sometimes her adult children come along too, his daughter, along with Jay’s mom and meet our family in Telluride, Colorado and stay for a week. I tell you what, we *love* that little town. So fantastic and charming. We normally go rafting, jeeping, some of the guys go hiking and mountain biking, there’s normally a group that goes horseback riding for the day– stuff like that. it’s pretty incredible.

Rafting in Telluride

Canasta. This game is not for the weak.

Anyway, our family vacations are planned way in advance because of school vacations, visitation schedules and the like. This year it so happened our family vacation was scheduled at the same time as a work thing in Hawaii that Jay needed to attend. We don’t get to see our Michigan family very much, and he didn’t want to miss Teluride, but at the same time, he did need to attend the work event in Hawaii– so he decided we’d do both. We’d go on our vacation from Saturday till Wednesday and do Hawaii from Wednesday – Saturday

I know, cry some more, right? It’s like leaving paradise for paradise. It *did* suck in that we didn’t get to see our Michigan family for nearly long enough, but it was also cool that I got to go to have two little mini vacations all packed into one, lol.

Hawaii was one of the places on Jay’s “I’ll never take you there” lists. He’s generally willing to take me to any place I want for vacations, with a few exceptions. Hawaii, has always been number 1 on that list.  That being said, the fact that it was a work event that required both our attendance, he couldn’t really say no, hehe.  I was *reaaaaallllly* excited to get to see Kauai, and I’d definitely go back, but I’d definitely *not* go in July/August. It was brutally hot and sticky, and I live in the south and am accustomed to brutally hot summers– and it was just miserable miserable hot.

We attended a couple of lovely dinners with live entertainment, took a sailboat trip out in the ocean and snorkeled. Saw some super adorable dolphins, some turtles, and tons of gorgeous fish and some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. The morning we left we took a helicopter tour around the island, and that might have been the most exciting experience I’ve ever had, lol. *loved* it!

This was a super awesome experience, and something I’d definitely do again. I think I was sort of afraid of helicopters before– but it was just amazing.You just can’t get a grasp of the landscape until you see it from a chopper– and then when they lower the chopper inside the volcano crater– that was awe inspiring.

It was a busy couple of weeks, but oh so fun. <3

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