I went to Spain, ya’ll!!

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Many years ago when Jay and I first got married, I remember us chatting about the places he’d visited and the things he’d seen growing up. He’d lived in London twice, had been on a safari in Africa, spent the summer of his junior year in high school touring Russia, and been a bunch of other places as well.  I’d been to Cozumel twice. Jay said he couldn’t wait to travel with me, because right then I had a small world view, and he wanted so much to be able to show me what the rest of the world had to offer.

Well, I just got back from a trip to Barcelona, and I have to tell you guys I’m sorta pissy about the whole coming back home thing. It was everything I could have ever hoped it would have been, and more. The people were amazing, the food was fantastic, the culture and atmosphere of the city was so awesome. Everyone was open and friendly, and willing to help you find your way around town.

I spent a lot of time here:

Bar Mirinda

Mirinda in Barcelona, Spain

You can just barely make out the lovely young woman inside the cafe– and I really wish I’d gotten a photo with her while I was there. She waited on me every morning, and when I’d swing by in the afternoons for a snack and something to drink– she’d still be there, smiling at me and teasing me for coming back constantly. 🙂 (I really did eat at a ton of places, but I returned here for breakfast daily). It was here that I was introduced to what can only be described as ‘kryptonite’, otherwise known as tortilla espanola.


Tortilla Espanola from Mirinda

This is basically a spanish omelet, but it actually tastes like the inside of a potato, egg and cheese breakfast taco. Since I’ve been home I’ve looked at a few recipes for this, but they all look contaminated with gross things. The one above, however, is magnificently perfect. I ate this meal for breakfast, from this particular cafe, every day. If I was able to go back, I’d eat every breakfast there again, and get the same damn thing, lol.

This cafe was steps from the front door of our hotel, and the square in which it was located contained   3 additional cafes– all of which we tried, lol.

Bar Sagarra -- Barcelona, Spain

Bar Sagarra — Barcelona, Spain

The place directly next door to Mirinda was called Bar Sagarra. Jay says this was by far the best sangria out of the places he tried.  We can clearly see I’m in heaven with my bottle of Coke made with actual sugar, so it tastes like Coke is supposed to. 😛

I saw some awesome shit:

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral


Barcelona, Spain

Playa de la Barceloneta

Playa de la Barceloneta

We went to the beach where I allowed myself to be photographed in a swimsuit for some unknown reason. I also spent a large portion of time being grateful I had my sunglasses on, because I am truly one of the most prude women I know, and the amount of boobs that were on display on this beach (by women young and old) was almost too much for me to handle, lol. I realized that I am *way* more prude than I ever even gave myself credit for, lol.

Restaurant Tuset - Barcelona, Spain

Restaurant Tuset – Barcelona, Spain

Continuing on the eating trend, one of the nights we had dinner with some of Jay’s co-workers at Restaurant Tuset. I don’t have a lot of photos from the actual meal since it was a business dinner, but as you can imagine, it was fantastic. I had croquettes for the first time, and really just wonder why these aren’t something I have at my disposal at all times, lol. I ordered a steak for my main course, and it was delicious, but I later realized that I have access to some of the best steaks on earth right here in Austin, Texas and when traveling abroad can probably brand out and try other meats. I’m a fairly picky eater, so the entire traveling abroad thing is already shoving me way outside my box. I have also realized that everything in Europe contains olives, which I detest in a way that I find hard to describe. It literally makes my eyes water and makes me want to instantly vomit. I just can’t stand them at all. Lol.

Wandering around the city

Wandering around the city

I spent two days wandering around the city on my own while Jay was at work. I walked up and down Las Ramblas, walked down city streets that looked like they went on forever, I got lost in the twists and turns of the gothic district. I went in hundreds of shops and looked at trinkets and gifts. I ate a lot of potatas bravas:


Potatas bravas. I ate these every day. For real..

Potatas bravas. I ate these every day. For real..

No, really. We ate them at every meal with the exception of breakfast, and that was only because i was obsessed with the tortilla espanolal.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

 All in all, it was a beautiful trip. I have to tell you guys, I’m not quite done with Barcelona, yet. I have a lot of things there I still want to see, and a lot of things I still want to do. I have a lot more cafes to try, and a lot more tortilla espanola to eat. I hope to see it again someday, and hopefully sooner rather than later. <3

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