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Before my husband and I got married, we talked a lot about what our expectations would be after the deed was done. Because we’d each been married before, we were very aware of how quick stuff could go sideways in a marriage, and we both wanted to avoid mistakes we had made in our past relationships. One of the things I remember being adamant about at the time, was the amount of travel that he would agree to in his jobs. No one in my family really traveled for work, and they certainly never went overseas for business. For the hubs, however, traveling for work was a pretty standard thing. His father had worked for a large oil company, and moved their family around quite a bit when he was growing up– and in addition to moving, there was a *whole* lot of international travel– where his dad wouldn’t be home for weeks upon weeks at a time. Sometimes, months.

My kids were young when we got married, and I felt it was very important that we provide a normal, stable environment for them, and so we agreed that he would not take a position requiring 40% travel or more. Now that the kiddos are grown and gone– things are a little different, and he has to travel a lot more than he used to. Lately, it’s not just travel from here to California though, but consists of a lot of international travel as well.

The first few trips I begged him to take photos for me, even if they were just cellphone pics, just so I could get an idea of what he was doing/what he saw while he was gone. As the months have gone by, him coming home and showing me his photos is my favorite thing, ever– and he’s gotten better and better each time he goes. He’ll normally take some shots of whatever he sees around him, looking for any cool and artistic shots, and then I edit and enhance them a smidge and then post them up on Insta. I decided to hash tag the shots #hetravelsforwork to sort of explain that this wasn’t some super fun vacation trip he was taking- but an actual business trip. Not gonna lie, ya’ll– I sort of want to add #iwanttogo #takemewithyou to the hashtag pile but I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful asshat. Haha.


His company has an office in the Ukraine, and from time to time he has to fly over there to do some work. On one of the recent trips, he had to stay for more than a week, so over the weekend he and a few others went to see Chernobyl. I was so moved by the photos he took over there. The way Mother Nature is clawing her way through the buildings, time at a stand still– forever depicting a moment in time long since past.


The way these bumper cars have remained undisturbed for all these years is unnerving.


A side table full of medication lays undisturbed:


He took probably 100 photos at Chernobyl and all of them were as haunting as these. Being able to see these photos, but also to enhance and edit them allows me to share the experience with him, even though I didn’t get to go.

And that pretty much rocks.



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