#hetravelsforwork: NYC Part 1

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This past weekend, Jay had to go to New York for business and asked me if I wanted to tag along. I’d never been to NYC before, and I was super excited about going. We decided to play everything by ear, with the exception of getting some tickets in advance to see a show on Saturday night.

You have to REALLY zoom, but Lady Liberty is in this photo I shot from the airplane <3

We got there early Friday afternoon and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was cold, but the sun was shining and it’s super hard to complain when it’s sunny outside. We dumped our shit in the hotel and headed straight back outside so Jay could take me to explore. First stop? Empire State Building:

Empire State Building

The damn thing was a helluva lot bigger than I anticipated. I mean, clearly I knew it was tall, but it sort of just towers around all it’s neighbors. ¬†After some discussion I decided I didn’t want to stand in line to see the top of it, as Jay mentioned that the Observatory at the top of One World Trade Center was even taller.

Next stop? Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Obligatory selfie at Rockefeller Center

Next, we headed down the block and landed at NYCPL:

Who ya gonna call?!?

Passed by St. Pat’s Cathedral:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

We walked by this ridonkulous looking Apple Store. I sort of didn’t want to go down there, but I did and was glad that I don’t live in this city, because holy shit trying to get some headphones would have been a nightmare.

This weird ass Apple Store…

And finally, he took me down to Times Square. I’d seen it on TV a million different times, but until you stand there…you just don’t get it, but I think I’ll save those photos for Part 2 of NYC. <3

Long story short? I freaking loved it!!



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