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Jay’s been traveling out of the country a ton lately which has left me home alone to mess around with a myriad of projects– none of which I’ve actually completed, which probably says something about me as a person, lol

I’ve been wanting to start a herb garden for quite a while, but my dogs pose a problem. I’m not a giant fan of digging up a giant section of yard, I can’t put them on my deck, because the dogs will for ┬ásure eat them, and I’m not a fan of growing them in my house. Family friends owned our house before we did, and they left most of their terra-cotta pots, which have been empty for the entire year we’ve lived here. I have a set of steps going up the walk to my front door and decided to fill them with herbs. I’m pretty much a stickler about things being orderly and tidy, and I dislike a lot of messy looking potted plants. I decided to use one largish pot per type of herb, in order for it to look a bit less haphazard. Though, to be frank, these aren’t in perfect placement, as I wanted to keep them in the shade on the porch for the first few weeks. Eventually, I’ll place these all orderly fashion-like down the steps themselves. I’ve got about 4 empty pots left to do to finish the project. I know this really doesn’t seem like some big ass deal, but I’ve been wanting to do this forever!!!!!


Basil and Oregano

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